Every problem stems from one source

What would you say if I told you that even though I know nothing about you, I know that there is only one source of every problem in your life, and it is the same place you will find every solution? That may cause you to raise an eyebrow in suspicion, and that's ok, because I happen to know that it's true.

Everything that stresses you out, worries you, frustrates you... it all comes from a common misunderstanding about the way life, and your own mind, works. Teaching people about this misunderstanding, and showing them the way life actually works is how I tap people back into their own resiliency, creativity and well being. The profound and beautiful thing about this understanding is that it is the birth place of every solution you will ever need. So, there is only one thing you need to see to transform your life forever. That is the business I am in, transforming lives. And that is what A Clear Life is all about.


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Photography by Dani Fresh.