Transform your relationship

from the inside out

I've been speaking to a lot of people about relationship troubles lately, so I decided to create a short video series explaining to you what I've been saying to them. Take a look and see how your relationship transforms based on a new understanding of how it all works.

Part 1

If you're having struggles in your relationship, or want to know the real trouble we all have when it comes to being with other people, this video series will help you out. In part one I address a fundamental misunderstanding that people have in relationships.

Part 2

When people want a better relationship, they think they need to "work on the relationship" or "work on themselves". In this video I talk about why things work when they work, and some pitfalls that we can easily fall into when we take this approach.

Part 3

In this third and final video in my series on relationships, I give some examples of "how it works" when you see the real problem in your relationship, versus the problem you think you have.