Truth with a capital 'T'

There are things that I think and believe - then it seems like there is Truth. I know I have a whole lot of thoughts and beliefs, but I think that are very few things that are actually True, with a capital 'T'. Attempting to discern between the two has turned out to be transformative in my own life, so I thought I might share what looks to be True to me.

I'm not saying these actually are True, as you probably can't put Truth in a numbered list, but so far, these things seem truer than anything else, so here we go...

1. I'm not in charge or in control of much, (if ultimately anything at all). I get to have preferences and opinions, I get to strive for goals and create things in the world - but the results and what happens actually have little to do with me. Something else "runs the show" and I will never actually understand how or why - so trying to figure that out seems pointless. "It" (whatever you want to call it) coordinates this spectacularly complex thing called life, so trying to take the reins almost seems silly. "Yeah, I know you figured out the whole universe, including all life and the things created here on Earth and all... but let me tell you how my life should play out. That I can totally do better than you."

2. Life only ever evolves into something else. Change always happens, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Sometimes I like how it's going, and sometimes I hate it, but change is all that life ever does. You, me, animals, mountains, rivers, galaxies... all of it, it's always in the process of becoming the next things it's going to be, on large and small scales. Life doesn't get caught up in where it came from or where it's going, it just goes on doing what it does, evolving. Knowing that allows me to do the same, leave the past behind and not stress about the future. It was what it was and will be what it will be. 

3. Ups and downs are inevitable, but they are never personal. Simply put, sometimes life will go the way I want, and sometimes it won't. I am not being rewarded in the good times nor am I being punished in the bad - it's all just part of the package deal of being a human. Knowing this frees me from the impossible task of trying to do all the "right" things to be in the "best" place, and also frees me from blaming myself or others when things are not going the way I want. 

In summary, sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down. I don't control those ups and downs, but trying to control them isn't all that important or valuable anyway.

It seems to me that when I remember these simple Truths, life feels so much easier, more fluid, joyful, magical, peaceful. I naturally feel more energized, light, inspired, creative, kind, compassionate, grateful and graceful. I seem to be able to do more with less and have a larger positive impact on the world around me.

And when I forget these things, which I do plenty, and get lost in my own personal ideas and opinions, mistaking them for Truth, life tends to feel harder, more rigid, more complicated, less forgiving. It feels like I have to fight with myself or the world, which exhausts and drains me.

So, when I find myself having a hard time, rather than trying to fix myself, or others, or the world, more often I step back and look for Truth. It seems that a little dose of Truth is an all around "good for what ails you" kind of treatment, that allows everything else to fall in place. I highly recommend looking for it.

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