Embrace Your Magnificence

So, I've been feeling called to speak more and more from my heart lately. Not that I ever don't speak from my heart... I guess I'm just feeling more connected to it lately. I think that is due in part to the 90 day challenge I set for myself to spend a full hour every morning meditating. After that hour my heart just hums, and I'm often inspired to share a message.

I shared this on my Facebook page, but I know not everyone hangs out there. So, I thought I'd bring the message home to my site, in case you were here and needed permission to give up the idea of "being perfect". Below is the message that came today...

Do you realize that you are a different version of yourself every second of every day? Physically, mentally and emotionally, you are constantly changing. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but never in your life have you ever stayed the same. So that begs the question - of the millions and millions of versions of yourself that you have been and will be, which one is the best? Which version is right?

The answer is and always will be, the version you are in this precise moment. True freedom comes when you stop comparing the version you are now, to a version of your past or your future. You are utter perfection right this second, so stop looking for it. You are already there - in your strong moments and your weak ones, when you love and when you hate, when you are healthy and when you are sick, when you are this weight or another weight, when your skin has pimples and when it doesn't, when you are in your dream job or a paying-the-bills job. Magnificence is not something to be found, it just needs to be embraced. Embrace your magnificence.

And so I encourage you to do this today. Embrace your magnificence. If you think you don't know how, just ask yourself, "what would embracing my magnificence look like?" I think you'll find that you surprise yourself.

If this is something you would be interested in exploring further, click here to send me a message. You and I can talk about this more. I offer complimentary conversations to those willing to take that leap. This conversation is my gift to you, if you want it.

Sending you much love,