If I were Tony Robbins's coach

If I were Tony Robbins's coach

Just writing that title cracks me up. A few years ago there is no way that thought would have even popped into my mind. Tony Robbins is a master coach who has decades of experience, has worked with thousands and thousands of people (probably millions at this point?), and is regarded by most in the coaching world as the guy at the top of the upper echelon. What could I possibly have to offer someone like him?

Well, technically nothing, but also possibly everything.

I'll start by saying like most coaches - I revered Tony. While I've never been to one of his live events, I've watched, read, and listened to countless hours of his work. I thought that was what I was aiming for if I wanted to be a happy, successful person and to also be an impactful coach. The methods, strategies, techniques, his command of human psychology, his ridiculous levels of energy and drive to work, work, work - and push you to do the same. THAT is how you bring change into your world and into the lives of others. And no one does it better than Tony.

And then at some point, all I can say is that I saw something else, and that kind of work stopped making sense. I didn't lose any respect for Tony - it just seemed at odds to me, to work really hard to be happy. 

When I saw that a true sense of fulfillment and enjoyment of life has absolutely nothing to do with what you achieve, it no longer made sense for me to break my back getting stuff. I just started doing things simply because I wanted to. And then *poof* pressure, stress and struggle for success vanished, replaced by a playful and enthusiastic desire to "do cool shit, just to do cool shit". 

When I saw that understanding the nature of thought took the power away from being controlled by thought, *poof* no more need to wrestle with or fix my own psychology. 

When I saw that I was not broken, *poof* there was nothing left I needed to do to heal.

So, what could I possibly offer Tony Robbins as a coach? Well, I know for certain that the man would absolutely run circles around me if we talked about human psychology, and needs, and emotions. But that isn't what I would want to talk about. I would want to talk to him about what is underneath all that, or beyond it, or before it. I would want to talk about the part of us that is completely untouched by anything that ever has, or ever could happen to us. I would want to talk about the part of us that always has been, and always will be whole. I would want to talk about the birthplace of thought itself - not thought patterns and what to do with them once they're in form.

It seems to me that navigating psychology and emotions can be a never ending mine field. You can get lost there forever, or exhaust yourself with strategies trying to keep yourself one step ahead of yourself. Tony has built an entire empire around this - I believe with the best of intentions to help people. But his empire, much like most of the coaching world, is about taking the tiniest aspect of ourselves, which will always be messy, and putting 100% of our effort into changing it. That is a never ending battle. That is why you always feel like there is more work to do, or that you must be flawed if you can't "make it work".

The thing to see is that we are infinitely more than what we think. The heart of us is an oasis, and it requires absolutely no work to get back there. Seeing that is a giant missing piece of the puzzle, not just for Tony - but for most people in the personal development world. I'm not knocking what he or anyone else does - it's just that there is something even more powerful on offer.

I don't suspect I'll ever actually be Tony's coach (though stranger things have happened), but I think it would be absolutely astounding if he was pointed to what I have been pointed to. Initially it might be chaotic, because it would completely crumble his current business model - but what it would be replaced with... I could see his impact increasing exponentially from what it even is now. That's exciting. 

So, just in case ... contact me if you need a coach, Tony. 

Much love,