It starts with a new understanding...

Does it feel like life is stressful, overwhelming, anxiety inducing? Does it feel like you are stuck in these feelings, or that they come around far too often in your world? What if changing all this was as simple as clearing up a misunderstanding...?

Beyond our ideas about life, our thoughts and interpretations, there is a simple, but profound understanding of the human experience that both explains and solves all problems - whether those problems seem big or small. 

If that sounds far fetched, I understand. I doubted it too. But as my mentors shared this understanding with me, and once I saw it for myself, my world transformed. Practically everything in my life became easier and lighter. This understanding has allowed me to stay grounded in the midst of chaos, tune in to a deeper capacity to connect with others, and super charged my problem solving abilities. As I share this with others and they begin to see it for themselves, I have the honor of watching their lives transform as well.

If you would like to see your life transform, join me for this 6 week program.

During our time together I will share and explore this understanding with you, so that you too can see how easily life can transform. Join us if you feel stress, worry, frustration, hopelessness, anxiety, or pressure around anything - if you’re looking for hope, freedom, peace of mind, confidence, ease, well being, connection, clarity, possibility, progress... 

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what it is:

A 6 week highly experiential, life-changing program for a small group of people.

We will explore your life and problems in a fundamentally new way, which will give you a rock solid foundation. Your relationship with things like stress and anxiety will transform and you will walk through life with more peace, ease, freedom, clarity and confidence.


February 25 - April 1, 2018

how it will work:

Participants will be sent a video every Wednesday that explores seeing stress, worry and anxiety in a whole new way. Every Sunday at 10am PT we will meet for a live video group call that will expand and deepen the understanding. (Calls recorded for those who cannot attend live). I have found that sharing and connecting with others in the group has a massive impact and where the greatest transformation can happen.

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Online! You can attend from anywhere in the world from your computer, smart phone or tablet. 


(Six weeks with me one on one can cost $1500. One reason I want to do this program is to offer a very affordable option for those who want to work with me.) 


Register by midnight (pacific time) Monday, Feb 12 and get an additional private one on one session with me.

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I hope you'll join us

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I love this work and have seen first hand the power of what we will be exploring during this powerful program. My own life has changed, and so have those with whom I have shared this understanding. The transformation that is available to everyone, regardless of their past experiences or current situations is truly exciting, and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Much love,

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