No really, this changes everything

No flashy sales copy here, just the truth. Last year, I came across an understanding that rocked my world from the inside out and changed every aspect of my life. It is a simple, but profound understanding of the mind that both explains and solves all problems - whether those problems are big or small, personal or global.

If that sounds far fetched, I hear you. I doubted it too. And then I saw it for myself, and my world transformed. Practically everything in my life became easier and lighter. This understanding has allowed me to stay grounded in the midst of chaos, tune in to a deeper capacity to connect with others, and super charged my problem solving abilities. This really does change everything!

My co-facilitator for this event is Fernando Pérez, a beautiful soul whose life was also transformed with this understanding. For two amazing days he and I will share and explore with you, so that you too can see how easily life can transform. Join us if you feel stress, worry, frustration, hopelessness, anxiety, or pressure around anything - if you’re looking for hope, freedom, peace of mind, confidence, ease, well being, connection, clarity, possibility, progress. 

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what it is:

A highly experiential, life-changing event for a small group of people.

We will explore your life and problems in a fundamentally new way, which will give you a rock solid foundation. You will walk away with more peace, ease, freedom, clarity and confidence - and take it with you in life.


Saturday, November 18, 10am – 6pm

Several breaks throughout the day
Lunch break around 1pm

how it will work

Attendees will be sent a video to view before we meet live. We will then spend a day together both unplugging and a recharging your heart, mind and soul. Taking our time and letting the exploration unfold allows a deeper exploration and has a more powerful impact. We will then meet individually for a private one on one session with each attendee at a later date to follow up.

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A beautiful space in Culver City, CA. (Exact location given upon registration).

Lots of street parking, and nearby restaurants


$150 per person OR
$250 for two people OR
$300 for three people

We encourage you to bring a friend, family member, co-worker... any one you would like to share this amazing experience with, who could also use ease and transformation in their life.

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Why we're having this event

Why you should join us

What we're going to be doing

Note that the videos above were for our September version of this workshop. The new date is Saturday, November 18!

We hope you'll join us

Fernando and I love our work and have seen first hand the power of what we will be sharing during this wonderful weekend. Our own lives have changed, and so have those with whom we have shared this understanding. The transformation that is available to everyone, regardless of their past experiences or current situations is truly exciting, and we cannot wait to share it with you.

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