Do you know how you work?

A mentor of mine once said about the human mind that it is as if we humans were all given cars to get around in life, but no one ever showed us how they worked. We've been doing pretty well, except all we've figured out is first gear. Once someone gives you the user manual, you realize you've only just scratched the surface on what that car can do. You quickly discover there are other gears better suited for certain situations, there is air conditioning, and oh look, a radio! Once you understand how the car really works, you see that you can travel way farther, much easier and more enjoyably than you originally thought possible.

No one ever properly explained to us how our minds work, and so we've been mucking about, doing the best we can, but only in first gear. What has been shared with me, and now I wish to share with you, is that beyond our own individual personalities and psychologies, there is a simple, elegant, and graceful way that life works for each and every one of us. In a way, it's a user manual for living, and getting a glimpse of that manual can change your life.

A smoother ride

What I love is that there is just one manual regardless of your gender, ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic background, Enneagram or Myers Briggs type, astrological sign, family or medical history. Underneath the "make and model", every human works in exactly the same way. When you see this, you understand yourself on a whole new level, and then life gets a lot more interesting and easier to navigate.

This understanding is what I will be sharing in a free, live, online workshop*. We will spend the day together, looking at how you work, helping you see something new and exciting about how you live and what is possible in your life.

* Side effects may include: loss of stress, worry, frustration, hopelessness, anxiety, or pressure. Attendees may gain a new found sense of hope, freedom, peace of mind, confidence, ease, well being, connection, clarity, possibility, and/or progress. 

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what it is:

A highly experiential, online event for a small group of people.

Attendees will be sent a short video to view before the event. During the our time together w
e will explore the power of the mind, how it is misunderstood, and how a new understanding has the potential to change anything in your life.


Saturday, Oct 14, 10am – 3pm
Pacific Time Zone!

We'll take small breaks throughout the day
and a lunch break around 12pm


Online! You can attend from anywhere in the world from your computer, smart phone or tablet. (Please note the time difference based on your time zone!)



NOTE - Please only sign up if you are 99% sure that, barring an unforeseeable event, you will be able to attend. "No shows" will cause a few hitches in the plans I am making for our time together.

I hope you'll join me

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I love this work and have seen first hand the power of what I will be sharing during this wonderful day. My own life has changed, and so have those with whom I have shared this understanding. The transformation that is available to everyone, regardless of their past experiences or current situations is truly exciting, and I cannot wait to share it with you.