Where not to look...

I know there is a lot of information out there about how to heal acne. Like, a LOT. I know you’ve probably scoured the internet trying to figure it out. You’ve probably spent countless hours researching products, or hormone balancing, or food changes, or medications, or herbal supplements, or natural products, or lifestyle changes… I’m guessing you’ve already tried dozens or more different things, all in the hopes of finding the one that will fix your skin.

I know I did. I exhausted myself with it all. I lost entire days researching on the internet. I nearly gave myself an eating disorder trying to heal my skin with food. I spent thousands with a naturopathic doctor, after spending thousands with a dermatologist, and even more money still in products, potions, and medications.

Here’s the thing – you do not need any more information. You need transformation. You need to look in a new direction for your solution.

You actually need to stop doing all of the stuff you’ve been doing, at least for right now, and before you do anything else, you need to see something entirely different about yourself and your skin.

A new foundation

You need to see that there is something going on “behind the scenes” that has both the power to make skin better and worse. It has nothing to do with what you’re putting on your skin, what you’re eating, your nutrient levels, but it does makes all the difference in results, and the journey to those results.

The truth is, there is a very real connection between your mental and emotional state, and the condition of your skin. The more you mentally and emotionally struggle with acne, the harder it will be to heal.

The more you stress about your skin the more pressure you put on any change you make - be it product, food, medication, or something else. This all taxes your system and makes it much less likely for that change to make any difference. The journey becomes exhausting and you’ll be stuck in an endless cycle of worry and anxiety about your skin. The physiological response to all this stress is hormone fluctuation and inflammation, which keeps you in the cycle of breakouts.

Changes in products, diet, lifestyle, supplements, have a place in healing skin, but until you understand the foundation of your innate mental and emotional well being, regardless of the condition of your skin, these things are less likely to help, and the journey is going to be a whole lot harder than it needs to be.

That is why when I help people with skin troubles, we start here, with the missing link that no one really talks about. Understanding the power of your mind and emotions opens up a whole new potential for healing.

I want to help you stop struggling and suffering with acne, so that your body can naturally find balance. I want to help you intuitively tap in to what will be best for you and your skin, so that you can make calm, confident choices about your skin, rather than desperately grasping at straws. I want to help you see the potential of your own ability to heal from the inside out.

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