My Mission...

It’s simple really, to tap you back in to the magnificence of life. Because I know that when you are living your life fully and freely, the world changes - for you, and for everyone around you.

But you can’t do much from a place of feeling like something is missing, wrong, or needs to be fixed - not for yourself, not for any one around you. 

For example... If there is something about your appearance that you don't like, that you're feeling deeply self conscious about, then instead of going out and greeting the world with open arms, you'll hide away. You miss out on so much, all because you don’t like your reflection.

Or maybe it's your career that's got you down. Perhaps no matter what you do you can't seem to get ahead. You feel like you're doing all the right things, but getting no traction. So you begin to question if you made the right choice. You feel like you can't win, so you think, "why even try?" And then the world misses out on your gift.

No matter what is stopping you from living your fullest life, I want to help you put an end to that, so you can live happier and the world can become a better place.

That’s why I’ve started A Clear Life. I know for a fact that you have an intense light in you, ready to burn bright. Life has just gotten foggy. I'm here to help clear that up. Together, you and I will make a plan to get the life you want, all the while finding joy and happiness along the way.

If you want to be happy with yourself and your life, you’ve come to the right place!

My Story...

That all sounds well and good, you may be thinking, but just who are you?

Excellent question! In a very real way, I'm you. The details may differ, but I'm guessing the essence of the story is the same.

I spent much of my life doing "fine" or "ok", but never really great. I struggled for many years with my appearance. First it was my acne that I felt held me back (see my Skin Therapy site for more details of that journey), then it was my body that I was constantly disappointed with. 

Then there was my job. Which I hated. I had dreams and aspirations for something bigger. Something more... special. I tried acting, and found I didn't have the stamina for all that rejection. Then I gave stand up comedy a whirl, but it turns out I'm not built for the late night lifestyle. Then I started a skin care line, and that didn't work out. I walked around feeling like I had "FAILURE" stamped on my forehead.

Six years in an unsatisfying relationship didn't do me any favors. It wasn't exactly bad, but it definitely wasn't good. 

Year after year I walked around feeling like a had a ton of potential - but no happy, fulfilled life. Does that sound familiar?

There eventually came a time where I got sick of each of these things in my life. I was tired of not liking myself. So over not feeling successful. Just done with a relationship that had no spark. Through a lot of grace, I eventually saw that fulfillment doesn’t come from the outside in. It doesn’t come from looking a certain way, having any amount in the bank, being with the right person, having the best career. It’s an inside job. Always. 

I had been waiting for some giant revelation to show me that I was living a good life. Some destination where I would plant my flag and claim this chunk of happiness for Brianne Land. What I realized was that true happiness, the deep down untouchable kind, is learning to dance through the ups and downs of life with grace. (And there will always be ups, and always be downs).

I now see every problem, not as something to fix, but as an interesting opportunity to see and experience something new. I found the joy in every day living, and as a by product began to accumulate all the "stuff" I thought was going to make me happy.

I also got really good at helping others hear the music of life as well. I get no greater joy than helping others see that life is indeed a dance, not a wrestling match - that it is an interesting adventure, rather than a burden to get through.

If I can find that kind of joy and happiness in life, you can too. After all, I'm pretty much you, remember? 

If you want to live with more joy, more love, more music, let me know. I'm here to serve.

Brianne is the first [coach] who has listened to my problems and personally helped me. She is kind, caring, polite, empathetic and professional. She truly listens to what you share about yourself and your issues. Our session restored my hope that I can heal.

I know that our conversation was a pivotal part of my journey. I know that I am now headed in the right direction instead of feeling lost, helpless and doomed.
— Katie L.
Brianne has skills that go beyond the typical coach. Her techniques are clear and her honesty is the helpful, appropriate guidance that I was looking for. What sets her truly apart is that she truly cares about you and is passionate about helping you benefit yourself. She goes above and beyond in every way.
— Jackie P.
Brianne [works] in a different way than others, by going to a deeper level and looking at the problem from the root, and trying to fix that issue, not just the surface.
— Jasmine M.